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Hair Loss and Pitta Dosha
Hi Marlon,
I am Niranjan living in Los Angeles, Since a year I have been loosing hair and now I have lost so much that my scalp is almost visible. Can you help me in preventing hair loss. I dye my hair and I have been doing this for the past 5-6 years. Please let me know if there is any remedy for hair-loss.

Yogi Marlon Hi Niranjan,

If I could cure baldness, I would be a very wealthy yogini! :)

If it is male pattern baldness from which you are suffering, it's hereditary, and slowing the loss is the best for which we can hope. If you have sudden hair thinning and loss all over the head due to stresses, there is more hope.

In both instances, losing hair is usually condition attributed to over-active pitta. Generally, that means there is too much heat in the body. Observing a pitta reducing practices may slow the problem down. Avoid fried food, hot spices (hot peppers, chiles, cayenne pepper, etc.), alcohol, vinegar, tomatoes, yogurt and cheese. Instead favor sweet, bitter and astringent tastes, which are reflected in the following list of pitta-reducing foods.

GRAINS Wheat, semolina pasta including cous-cous,white rice barley, oats, quinoa, kamut, amaranth.

LEGUMES Mung beans, kidney beans, non-fermented soy bean products (tofu is OK, avoid tempeh) but little soy altogether.
VEGETABLES Asparagus, artichokes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, cilantro, cucumber, green beans, lettuce, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, sprouts, parsley, kale, okra, bok choy, sweet corn, swiss chard & all green leafy vegetables except spinach, yellow squash, zucchini,

DAIRY Milk* (boiled and served cool to warm), butter, ghee, cream

SWEETENERS Whole, natural sugar cane (in small amounts,) date sugar.

OILS Ghee is best. Olive or coconut oils.

NUTS & SEEDS Pumpkin seeds. Blanched almonds in small amounts.

SPICES Coriander, cilantro, cumin, turmeric, saffron, fennel, cardamom, parsley, fresh basil.

FRUITS Sweet grapes, avocado, sweet mango, coconut, melons, sweet plums, persimmon, pomegranate, sweet apples, sweet pears, raisins, dates.
Proteins: Chicken, turkey, egg white.

I hope these suggestions help you. They may take several months to integrate into a lifestyle change. If they do not, my only further piece of advice is to practice the ideal of acceptance. But please do give the observances a good try first, won't you? Either way,
I do believe you will learn much about your physiology and maintaining your well-being, if you read up on pitta dosha.

Please do report back with your progress and feel free to sign up for my newsletter on my home page.
All the best to you, and thank your for writing to me.

Yogi Marlon

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