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  What's My Dosha?
To take the quiz, check off the answers that most closely apply to you. If none of the answers seem to apply, it may be helpful to think of what you experience when you are not feeling your best, even if that is rare. When you have answered all the questions, you'll need to add up the number of checks in each column. The column with the most number of checks may very well be your primary dosha. Also note the secondary dosha indicated.
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  Vata Pitta Kapha
Body Frame thin medium large
Finger Nails cracking or thin pink/soft, medium wide, white, thick
Resting Pulse
(before 10AM & before meal)
80-100 70-80 60-70
Weight low or bony medium or muscular gains easily
Stool/bowel movements small, hard, or gas loose or burns moderate or solid
Forehead size small medium large
Appetite variable strong or sharp constant or low
Eyes small or unsteady reddish or focused wide or white
Voice low or weak high or sharp slow or silent
Lips cracking, thin, dry medium or soft large or smooth
Which bothers you most? cold and dry heat and sun cold and damp
Body Totals

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  Vata Pitta Kapha
Temperament nervous or fearful irritable or impatient easy going
Speech quick or talkative moderate or argues slow or silent
Sleep light moderate heavy
Habits travel or nature sports or politics water or flowers
Memory quickly grasp, soon forgets sharp or clear slow to learn; never forget
Beliefs radical or changing leader or goal oriented loyal or constant
Dreams flying or anxious fighting or in color few or romantic
Emotions enthusiastic or worries warm or angry calm or attached
Mind quick or adaptable penetrating or critical slow or lethargic
Mind Totals
Dosha Test is reprinted with permission from the Ayurveda Encyclopedia (c) copyright 1998 Swami Sada Shiba Tirtha. All rights reserved.


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