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Learn the ancient ayurvedic practice of abhyanga

Yogi Marlon
Yoga for Couch Potatoes

Beginner Level
Watch a video clip from this DVD!  MPG click here

Are you overweight? Do you avoid exercise like the plague? Are you thinking you should do something about it, but feel unmotivated or too embarrassed to exercise in public? These short, easy yoga practices were designed especially for you! Join me and my five voluptuous students, and achieve a new understanding of how your ample body can use some of yoga's most meaningful principles. I guarantee that you will enjoy learning the easiest yoga ever!

You'll meet my plus-sized students and hear the answers to their questions. Yoga is for everyone! Follow along at home as my students and I demonstrate a super-easy program of short, individual yoga practices that you too can do! The first practice is right on the couch!

You will enjoy more energy, less stress, inner peace and a heightened awareness. I'll teach you four breathing practices; each with a specific result. In the bonus segment, you'll learn how some simple changes to household and personal products can give you a burst of energy you never knew you were missing!

Filmed in beautiful locations in high definition video, Yoga For Couch Potatoes is the seventh release in the Ask Yogi Marlon series that guarantees you better health-and fun along the way! You get all nine of these DVD chapters:

  • 1. Yogi Marlon Meets D.
  • 2. Couch Yoga
  • 3. Healthy Lifestyle Tips
  • 4. My Big Beauties
  • 5. Sunglass Breath
  • 6. Yoga 1 On 1
  • 7. Yogi Marlon & You
  • 8. Studio Yoga
  • 9. Credits and Bloopers
Total Running Time: 128 minutes

Watch a video clip from this DVD!  MPG click here

Studio photos by David Herrenbruck
Location photos by Stuart Cohen

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