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Marlon Braccia’s web presence began in1996 with She launched the Ask Yogi Marlon brand in 2000 with her current site, Google’s traffic rating has consistently placed in the top 10-15% of all yoga and wellness websites over the past four years. Marlon has answered hundreds of questions from web visitors from over 27 countries and continues to do so in email and private consultation when necessary.

The Ask Yogi Marlon video series was enhanced and expanded for a DVD release in 2003—and has sold over 1.3 million copies internationally at outlets such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City, and on-line at Amazon, eBay and It is now available as streaming video by searching "Yogi Marlon" on, where it is free for Amazon Prime customers.

The release of the latest DVD, Yoga for Couch Potatoes, is designed to address pandemic obesity rates, providing an exercise routine for the overweight consumer. Using traditional ayurveda and modern science, Yogi Marlon teaches how to embrace a holistic lifestyle.


Yogi Marlon’s first cookbook, The Enlightened Cook, is available on Her original recipes are inspired by Italian family tradition and Eastern influences, with a focus on healthy, preservative-free, natural meat, fish and poultry. As an expert stylist and photographer, Marlon’s photos are featured.

For more info and recipes visit Marlon's Enlightened Cook Blog

For over three years, one question from the website became the basis of a new edition of the Ask Yogi Marlon Q&A column. That column appeared in 3 print publications and about a dozen websites—boosting the AYM brand and Yogi Marlon's recognition in the holistic community worldwide.

  • Mechanics of Yoga Techniques
  • Eastern Studies
  • Spirituality
  • Toxin-free Lifestyle Tips
  • Natural Food and Healthy Recipes
  • Yogi Marlon is a featured author on, who published her insightful article on apana, ayurveda;s downward flowing energy.


    ABC featured Yogi Marlon in Eye on L.A., a magazine program, highlighting her knowledge of yoga studies and her expertise as a holistic living consultant.

    Watch video segment here:

    Email Yogi Marlon to hire her as a holistic consultant for your home or office at: with "CONSULTANT SERVICES" in the subject line

    The Writer’s Guild of America has registered 9 treatments for TV shows created by Yogi Marlon. She currently seeks advertisers and partners for her new video series, The Enlightened Cook. This cooking series currently has 10 episodes completed, that will soon be available on this site.


    Yogi Marlon has been interviewed by Redbook Magazine, ABC, Fox Network, She has appeared in Allure, MR, Depeche Mode, and Glamour magazines.


    Yogi Marlon has been interviewed on 10 radio shows across the US, on subjects ranging from holistic living tips for healthy living to editorial comment on the depths of yoga philosophy.


    In 2006, real-time cooking videos began mirroring recipes in Marlon's cookbook and more —further positioning Yogi Marlon as the holistic living expert of the digital era.


    Marlon Braccia currently working as a voice over actor in Los Angeles. Visit

    for voiceover demos. She is co-founder of the Los Angeles Loopers, providing ADR teams to Hollywood productions. She remains the sole owner of Shiva Entertainment, Inc., and holds exclusive rights to all aforementioned content, products, books and columns, as well as the trade name and trademark “Ask Yogi Marlon.”

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