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Learn the ancient ayurvedic practice of abhyanga

Yogi Marlon
Yoga for Getting well

Intermediate/Beginner Level
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On this single DVD, I instruct you through four 25-minute practices designed to help you regain your overall strength, flexibility, stamina and balance. Again, no prior experience is necessary, because you'll learn the initial, basic postures at your own comfortable pace. Each successive practice builds upon the knowledge and progress you gain from the previous practice, until you are more stable and energetic than you've been in years. There's even a practice devoted to improving your eyesight! Whether you seek health maintenance or recuperation from an illness or accident, you'll find the experience like having a private yoga teacher in your living room.

Yogi Marlon

Included on this DVD is:
  • Meet Yogi Marlon
  • Ideas on Practice
  • Ujjayi Pranayama
  • Yoga Therapy I
  • Yoga Therapy II
  • Yoga Therapy III
  • Eye Strengthener

Watch a video clip from this DVD!  MPG click here

Studio photos by David Herrenbruck
Location photos by Stuart Cohen

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