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Learn the ancient ayurvedic practice of abhyanga

Yogi Marlon
Yoga for a Healthy Back

Intermediate/Beginner Level
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If you have lived with a bad back for years, it may be difficult to imagine life without pain. But, believe it or not, that's what's Yogi Marlon’s specialized yoga practice can deliver. The secret is her combination of slow, easy moves paired with deep, rhythmic breathing.

In step one: Yogi Marlon frees you from pain by talking you through the simple, healing moves. You'll learn how to loosen the grip of knotted muscles and relax in a pain free state. Step two: you'll learn how to create the muscular structure that will keep your spine in alignment and you're back free from pain. In step 3: You'll learn how to maintain that healthier, stronger back.

This program is so effective, that the next time you're struck by a back spasm, you'll reach for your Yogi Marlon tape and forget the chiropractor!

Yogi Marlon Included on this DVD is:
  • Meet Yogi Marlon
  • Ideas on Practice
  • Ujjayi Pranayama
  • Step 1: Relax Your Back
  • Step 2: Strengthen Your Back
  • Step 3: Strong Back

Watch a video clip from this DVD!  MPG click here

Studio photos by David Herrenbruck
Location photos by Stuart Cohen

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